Helideck Audit

Aries offers complete range of helideck services which includes design, maintenance, inspection & certification to ensure safe operations of helideck in order to meet international standards and codes.

Major International standards we follow

Helideck Friction Test

Helideck landing nets present a hazard to personnel in the form of slips and trips. Friction paint is preferred on helideck surface so as to increase friction. We provide onsite friction test for both steel and aluminum helidecks with our micro grip tester.

Our helideck friction testing follows industry guidelines and the friction measuring device we use can control the wetness of the deck during testing. It also allows the whole deck surface to be covered to a resolution of no less than 1m² and includes electronic data collection, storage and processing.

Once complete, the survey data is captured electronically where it can be transferred quickly to a USB storage device for transmission and analysis

Helideck Perimeter Net Inspection

A safety net designed to meet these criteria should ‘contain’ personnel falling into it and not act as a trampoline. Where lateral or longitudinal center bars are provided to strengthen the net structure they should be arranged and constructed to avoid causing serious injury to persons falling on to them

The ideal design should produce a ‘hammock’ effect which should securely contain a body falling, rolling or jumping into it, without serious injury. When considering the securing of the net to the structure and the materials used, care should be taken that each segment will be fit for purpose. Various wire meshes have been shown to be suitable if properly installed.

Helideck Light Survey

The helideck lighting scheme is a requirement for the conduct of night operations and is intended to provide effective visual cues for a pilot throughout the approach and landing maneuver at night.

Refueling System Inspection

Periodic maintenance of refueling and monitoring systems is important to ensure the delivery of fuel free from particles and water.

Our refueling solutions include the following basic skid designs, which can be fully tailored to your requirements. All of our systems are in full compliance with CAP 437.

Helipad Inspection

Helipads and helicopter landing sites are a critical part of any on-shore operation that uses helicopter support. Whether your business is a hospital, government facility or mine site, the safety of your facilities is a top priority, and essential to the sustainability of your operations.

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